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Struggling To Stick With A Plan Long Enough To See Results?

The SLIM 30 Plan Is The Exact Plan, Support, & Accountability You Need To Lose Weight In Just 30 Days – Or It's FREE

Reset Your Diet  •  Improve Your Relationship With Food  •  Stay Consistent Easier



Be Honest... When It Comes To Your Diet,

  • Does overeating on the weekends or constant snacking keep throwing you off track?
  • Do you turn to food for comfort, and then feel guilty for it afterwards?
  • Do you do great when you’re “on” with a diet, but go completely off the rails after you mess up?

    Truth Is, Weight Loss Shouldn't Be So Hard Or Confusing... In Fact, Imagine This For A Second:


    • Imagine you’re in control of your diet – food doesn’t control you and you don’t worry about overeating or “falling off the rails”.

    • Imagine not having to stress out about every little thing you eat because you’ve found a way to eat that lets you enjoy yourself at the same time

    • Imagine putting clothes on and feeling awesome in them instead of that feeling of having to readjust yourself every few minutes

      We Going To Show You A MUCH Simpler Way To Lose Weight & Keep It Off... And Best Of All, It Only Takes 30 Days!

      Get ready to stop the endless "dieting cycle" and finally get lasting results you'll want to show off...


      What's Possible In 30 Days?

      Matsho lost a whopping 9kg's in 30 days - Using our Slim 30 Transformation Techniques.

      Megan lost 8.2kg's following the 30 Day Slim in 30 Principles

      Katie lost a solid 6kg's during her 30 day challenge and set herself up for on going weight loss success.

      Now You Can Do The Same With The SLIM IN 30  Weight Loss Challenge!

      Slim in 30 is all about helping you stay consistent with a proven, sustainable weight loss plan for 30 days, focusing on creating the habits that make fat loss automatic:

      • Controlling the things you CAN control.

      • Track the things that matter on a daily basis (so you make more progress without it turning into an obsession).

      • Building in a system of accountability so you stick your goals (we got you there!)

        And even better, we're going to focus on moderation & mindset rather than restriction & intense exercise... By proving to yourself that you can do this for 30 days, you can do it for another 30 days, and another 30 days, and another.

        Truth is, the thing that holds most people back from losing weight and keeping it off is nutrition — in particular, how they THINK about nutrition.

        This is what we going to hand you on a silver platter, so you can start consistently losing weight and feeling frickin’ amazing:


        • Flexible dieting tactics that help you lose weight without giving up your favorite foods or social life

        • Absolutely NO long, grueling workouts. The goal of exercise should be working smarter, not harder!

        • A plan that delivers FAST results using strategies that are enjoyable & maintainable forever 

          PLUS - Supplements formulated for Women designed to Accelerate your fat loss goals

          Here's Everything You Get When You Register For SLIM IN 30 Today:



      The SLIM IN 30 Nutrition Plan & Recipe Guide


      Slender You Accelerator Supplements


      Daily Accountability Emails With 24/7 Support



      BONUS #1:

      Slender Slim 30 Workout Guide 




      BONUS #2:

      Slender Slim 30 Daily Habit Tracker

      Building healthy habits can be tough...

      One thing we found works best for changing your habits is simply focusing on the things YOU CAN CONTROL... But don't worry – you're not going to be tracking every little thing and completely upending your lifestyle!

      Enter the SLIM30 Daily Habit Tracker.

      We created this resource to show you how to easily track only the few things that will move the needle the most in regards to fat loss, and turn your goals into a daily game that makes it actually fun to do.


      No More Excuses – It's Time To Make CHANGES. And YES, We’re In This Together!


      How many times have you tried one diet or another, only to see lackluster results — or worse, you’ve lost weight but then gain it all back again because the program wasn’t sustainable in the long run? How many times are you going to “get back on the bandwagon” or start "next week" or – worse yet – make it another New Year's resolution?

      It’s time to change all of that, right here and now.

      SLIM IN 30 is your "kick in the butt" to get started today.

      For a one-time payment of just R899 you get the exact program to crush it over the next 30 days... AND you get personal daily help from the Slender Team directly.

      This is the best, most reliable way to lose fat... You can either make excuses or progress – which one do you want?