• Slender You 21 Day Kick Start

Slender You 21 Day Kick Start

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It takes 21 days to make or break a habit!

Let us get you on track to live the healthy lifestyle you have always wanted.

Introducing the Slender You 21 Day Kick Start.
Easy to Follow, Convenient, No Crazy Meal Preps and 100% Natural! 

Each Kick Start Box contains the following

1 x Slender Shake Meal Replacer (32 Serving)
1 x Slender You CLA Body Toner Softgels 
1 x Slender You Fat Burner Capsules

1 x Craving Buster Appetite Suppressant Capsules
1 x Slender You 500ml Shaker Bottle
1 x Slender You Recipe and Smoothie Guide (Download)

The 21 Day Kick-start is designed to get your life and health back on track, to help you drop a few unwanted kilos and provide the motivation to continue living that Leaner Healthier Life.