• Slender You 21 Day Kick Start Challenge

Slender You 21 Day Kick Start Challenge

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What is the 21 Day Kick Start Challenge

The 21 Day Challenge is a VLCD Diet (Very Low Calorie Diet) which combines our Meal Replacement Products, Healthy Meal Options, Intermittent fasting & Support Supplements to achieve rapid weight loss results. 

3 Easy to follow 7 Day Phases with proven results!

The 21 Day Kick-start is designed to get your life and health back on track, to help you drop those unwanted kilos and provide the motivation to continue living that Leaner Healthier Life.

Whats Included:
Slender Shake Meal Replacer
2 x Skinny Soups
Slender You Fat Burner Capsules
Slender You CLA Body Toners
Slender You Shaker Bottle
Slender 21 Day Guide 

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