• Slender You 21 Day Kick Start Challenge

Slender You 21 Day Kick Start Challenge

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About the Program

This is a powerful and transformative tool for your health.  typical benefits of a 21-Day Kick Start Program include improvements in skin, sleep, digestion, energy, healthy weight loss, and mental clarity with a reduction in bloating, constipation, headaches, and joint pain.

The 21 Day Kickstart follows a simple daily routine of shakes, healthy foods, and beneficial supplements, allowing the body to rev itself into fat burning mode.

Easy to Follow, Convenient, No Crazy Meal Preps, No embarrassing weigh ins  and 100% Natural! 

Whats included:

Slender You Meal Replacer Shake 
Slender You Fat Burner Capsules 
Slender You CLA Body Toners
Slender You Craving Buster Capsules
Slender You 500ml Shaker Bottle
21 Day Kick Start How to Use Guide 
Downloadable Recipe & Meal Guides
Online Support Group 

The 21 Day Kick-start is designed to get your life and health back on track, to help you drop a few unwanted kilos and provide the motivation to continue living that Leaner Healthier Life.

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