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What is the 21 Day Kick Start Challenge

It takes 21 days to create a habit.
The 21 Day Challenge is a VLCD Diet (Very Low Calorie Diet) which combines our Meal Replacement Products, Delicious Smoothies, Healthy Meal Introduction , intermittent fasting & Support Supplements to achieve rapid weight loss results. 

3 Easy to follow 7 Day Phases with proven results!

- Slimming Support Products 
- Daily Support Emails
- Access to Slender Transformation Coaches
- 21 Day Playbook 
- Slender Smoothie & Snack Guides

Lose between 4 and 8kg's in 3 short weeks
All for less than R40 per day!  

SA's #1 Slimming & Cleanse Diet.


Slender Shake Meal Replacer 
Fat Burner Capsules
CLA Body Toners
Slimming Tonics 
Slender You Shaker Bottle
21 Day Kick Start Guides (Digital)




Struggling To Stick With A Plan Long Enough To See Results?

The 21 Day Kickstart Challenge Is The Exact Plan, Support, & Accountability You Need To Lose Weight In Just 3 weeks.



" The 21 Day Kick Start helped me get back on track. I had strayed for months from my fitness journey and this program helped me to get on track and be consistent." Julie 34

"21 Day Kickstart was great... Simple to follow and the 3 weeks flies past! I lost 4.2kgs in the three weeks" Morati 29

21 Day Challenge is the best program I've followed because of the laid out structure and daily emails. I would highly recommend this Challenge to anyone!
I lost weight and the program has taught me how to lose weight long term and KEEP IT OFF!  Julie 36



21 Day Kick Start Secret?

If you want to see results…  Reducing your appetite, kickstarting your metabolism, and being more energized during exercise are the keys when it comes to getting in shape.

The 21 Day Kickstarts unique approach has been designed to help you:

- Reduce Overall Calorie Intake
- Maintain a Calorie Deficit 
- Re-ignite your Metabolism 
- Burn Stubborn Fat 
- Reduce Appetite and Hunger pains 
- Boost Energy & Focus