Your 30-Day Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Succeeding with Slender You.

It's overwhelming, right?

The number of diets out there. Each with their own set of rules, Good Foods, Bad Foods… some even have their own systems of measurement.

It’s no wonder we feel like we can’t lose weight sustainably (or keep it off).

But the beautiful truth is: you totally can.

And it doesn’t have to be a constant struggle.


The Slender Diet is a doctor-developed, step-by-step program that teaches you how to:

  •  Start losing weight (and keep it off for good)

  • Take back your time with easy and convenient Smoothie Recipes

  •  Cook satisfying, delicious, and simple low-carb meals like a pro

  • Eat out and travel without undoing your hard work

  •  Workout to lose fat

  •  Manage stress

  •  Enjoy better sleep (critical for optimal weight loss)

Maybe your goal is to lose that COVID Weight Gain . Maybe it’s stubborn baby weight or you need to drop a few kg's for your wedding day..

Regardless, we believe you shouldn’t have to go to university to know how to drop those Kilos 

That’s why we made The Slender Diet Plan

No complicated lingo or new systems of measurement.

Just a simple, step-by-step, easy to follow guide designed to help you lose weight, up your energy, and banish cravings.


Every day, you’ll know exactly:

  • What to eat
  • How to workout
  • How to easily track your progress

No guessing.

No complicated measurements.

Just a simple plan designed to give you results.

We’ll walk you through everything you need in your first 30 days.

But we’re confident that these tools will empower you for life.

Ready to take control?