We all know that dieting can be a difficult task, but when most of your day is taken up by being a full time parent (as well as handling a job and running of the house), it can be even more of a struggle, particularly when it comes to time. Lack of time can result in us grabbing unhealthy convenience foods, snacking on the kids leftovers, or reaching for the chocolate or the booze when things get stressful. Of course all of this isn’t helpful if you want to lose weight. Here at Slender You, we want you to reach your weight loss goals no matter how busy you are, which is why we’ve put together our guide to weight loss for busy parents, featuring a few top diet tips!

Eat breakfast

While there’s little evidence to suggest that breakfast and weight loss are linked, making sure you start the day with a decent breakfast may still help with your weight loss in a different way. Eating breakfast could mean that you’re less likely to grab mid-morning snacks or go a little too extravagant with your lunch order. Why not take a look at our Exante meal replacement shakes to get started? These shakes  are high in protein and fibre to help keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Be realistic with your goals

Setting goals like “I will lose [X amount] in [X days/weeks]” or “I will exercise [X times] a week” is great, but make sure that they’re actually achievable with the time you have. Setting unrealistic goals will not only give your confidence a knock if you don’t achieve them, but you’ll also be more likely to pack in the diet if it doesn’t look like it’s working. Particularly when it comes to exercise, start out by sitting down and working out what free time you’ll actually have during the week, and plan your workouts where you can. When it comes to the weight loss itself, start out small when you set goals so that they’re more achievable, and make sure you give yourself a pat on the back when you reach them!


Make small changes over time

When it comes to weight loss for busy parents, it’s not exactly realistic to consider dramatic changes like visiting the gym three times a week. However, small changes to your routine can really make a difference towards your goal of losing weight, and there’s no need for a gym membership either. If your kids’ school is within walking distance, why not ditch the car or the bus and take a walk instead? Similarly, walk to work if you live close enough, or perhaps take the stairs instead of the lift every day. If your job is desk based, you could even set regular reminders on your phone to encourage you to get up and stretch your legs every few hours.


Quit snacking on leftovers

It’s something every parent has done – when your kids leave a few scraps of dinner on their plates, it’s easy to just quickly polish off what’s leftover. Even though it may seem harmless finishing off a few bites here and there, you’d actually be surprised at how those calories can quickly mount up. In short, if you’re wanting to shed a few kilos, this is one habit you’ll need to nip in the bud!

Follow a diet plan

Cooking up healthy recipes is all good and well, but if you don’t really have the time it can be easy to fall back into old habits and reach for the convenience foods. If that’s you, then our 21 Day Kick Start might be the solution!  these boxes are packed with a selection of our best-selling meal replacements, designed to give you everything you need to get you on your way to your weight loss goals.