Want healthier, Stronger and Longer Locks?

The answer to your hair growth woes could lie in a tub of Slender You Collagen for Her. Collagen is like a wellness wish come true. If you have ever dreamt about one product that can be used for anti-aging, health, skin and hair then ring the alarm because your wake up call has landed! Not only is collagen great for your health, but it also has a host of beauty benefits- one of which is promoting healthier, stronger, shinier locks. You've probably heard the hype around collagen and are wondering if it's worth adding to your beauty and hair routine. We're here to tell you that it totally is! Here’s how this powerful powder unlocks your hair’s true growth potential.



Healthy hair starts from within

We spend lots of money, time and effort on products that can be topically applied to hair, but a healthy mane starts from within. So, be sure to also focus on filling up on veggies, fruit, protein (amino acids and collagen), and foods rich in biotin. And don't forget to drink enough water. The challenge though is whether we are getting enough of these nutrients for hair growth? You see, the body is designed to FIRST use all its nutrients and vitamins in the essential areas that are necessary for the body to function. You might think that hair should be at the top of that list, but your body doesn't agree with you. It ends up only sending the “leftovers” to your skin, nails, muscles and hair- depending on your diet, this could not be enough to grow your hair, strengthen your nails or reveal a glowing skin.

This is where supplementing with collagen can help. If you habitually supplement with collagen, the body will realize that there is more than enough in supply for essential use and will then start sending more to be used for the rest of your beauty requirements- including your hair. This is also why it is best to supplement diligently with collagen for at least three months, as your body will always make sure that the influx is not just a once-off thing. But, once it realizes that there is more collagen on it's way it will begin to use the surplus supply! That said, some women notice a difference in their nails, skin and hair in 30 days and some report these changes in as little as two weeks.

Collagen is the route to fuller hair... from the roots

Collagen is part of your dermis which is the middle layer of your skin and contains the root of your hair. Your hair may begin to thin as you age because the body no longer manufactures enough collagen on it's own. Supplementing with collagen may minimize thinning and thicken your follicles for more volume.


Collagen is the MANE attraction

Collagen is essential for hair growth as it contains proline- which is used to make keratin. Keratin is what hair is made of therefore if you want shiny stronger locks, it is important to ensure that your body is getting an adequate supply of collagen. The body does make collagen but as we age it begins to make less. You can obtain collagen through what you eat by consuming egg whites, berries, leafy greens, garlic, fish, chicken, and bone broth. That said, supplementing your diet with collagen powder is essential as it takes out the guesswork of how much food to eat to get enough collagen in your system. Most women's diets are lacking in the protein and collagen department anyway, due to food quality, calorie counting and leading busy lives. When eating collagen-rich foods, it is also important to note that the body must still break down and process these foods into collagen for the body. That is where the collagen powder comes in handy as the hard work is done already. Slender You Collagen powder for her is hydrolyzed into smaller particles, making it easier to absorb.


Stop free radicals in their tracks

Free radicals are nasties- caused by smoking, stress, pollution and a bad diet- which harm your cells and even your hair follicles. This could lead to hair loss and breakage. Collagen is a natural antioxidant which fights against the damage caused by free radicals allowing hair to grow as normal. Antioxidants have even been shown to delay greying- so if that is something that worries you, then collagen could help you keep your colour for longer. It may also help boost the shine which can ensure that your new lengths look healthy, otherwise what's the point?

Collagen supplements are a top secret of celebs worldwide because of the brilliant beauty benefits mentioned above. Are you ready to add collagen to your supplement cupboard and experience the results for yourself? Shop our Slender You Collagen for her and slurp up the goodness by adding it to smoothies, juice or your morning dose of caffeine. Looking for an extra hair health booster to go along with your collagen? Take two Slender You Omega 3 tablets per day to help hydrate your tresses from within. Your healthy hair routine just got easier. 


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