Type 2 Diabetes Facts and Solutions
Type 2 diabetes is a life-limiting illness provoked by excess body weight, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits. The condition is defined by a fasting blood glucose of 7 mmol/L or more meaning there is too much sugar in the bloodstream (1). Living with diabetes is straining on the individual, their family, and health care providers, but something can be done about this. Countless diabetics have transformed their lives by following very low-calorie diets, losing weight, and as a result, reversed their type 2 diabetes*!

Risk Factors

90% of people with diabetes have type 2 meaning their body uses insulin inadequately. You are more at risk of developing this type of diabetes if you:

  • are overweight
  • carry extra weight around your stomach
  • have high blood pressure
  • have immediate family members with type 2 diabetes e.g. a parent or sibling
  • are white and over 40 years old or Black African, Over 25 years old.


People with diabetes often suffer from discomforting symptoms, however, 6 in 10 people have no symptoms at diagnosis!  It is really important to look out for the signs and symptoms of diabetes and not ignore them, especially if you have a higher risk of developing the disease.

Typical signs & symptoms include:

  • thirst
  • tiredness
  • frequent toilet use
  • genital itching
  • injuries not healing quickly
  • blurred vision




You can reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by living a healthy lifestyle, in particular,

  • maintaining a healthy body weight
  • regularly exercising e.g. half an hour of moderate-intensity every day
  • eating healthily
  • stopping smoking 

Need to obtain a healthy body weight and improve your eating habits? Substituting two daily meals of an energy restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss. If you are classified as obese or overweight, our Slender You Meal Replacers could help you get back down to a healthy weight safely and effectively. Not only can you obtain a healthy weight using Slender You, but you’ll also be eating healthily due to our products containing all the necessary nutrients!

Control your diabetes with the help of Slender You

If you are type 2 diabetic, it is possible to bring your diabetes into remission by eating healthier and losing weight. The 21 Day Kick Start  (very low-calorie diet) plan recommends lowering your daily intake to 800kcal for 21 Days.
You would then go onto our Slender Diet Plan for 90 days introducing healthy meal options, exercise and our 5:2 Diet model where you would eat a normal healthy diet for 5 days and revert back to the 800 Calories for 2 days in the week.