The Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Women’s Weight Loss Supplements Must Fit A Woman’s Needs

We all wish there was a magic pill that could just make extra weight disappear. But that’s just a fairy tale. Losing weight is hard work. 

When I was struggling to lose 20 Kilos, I tried everything, every pill, powder, and potion. Nothing worked. 

That’s when I discovered most weight loss supplements aren’t made for women. The majority of weight loss products are designed for men and include ingredients like testosterone that women don’t need. 

Instead, women need weight loss supplements that are designed to meet their specific needs including protein powders for weight loss, fat burners, Appetite suppresants, Vitamins and Hydration aids.

That’s why the team at Slender You spent more than a year working with doctors and scientists to develop each product in the award-winning Slender You Supplements family. Every active ingredient in the Slender You Supplements product line has at least three published scientific research articles attesting to its effectiveness.

Slender You weight loss supplements aren’t magic, but they are absolutely incredible in the hands of people who are ready to make a change


The Slender You Supplements family includes 3 weight loss categories:


Meal Replacement Shakes: premium protein source for women that’s more than a protein powder for weight loss. Our Slender Shake is a nutritious meal Replacement shake that includes all the ingredients available in a women’s multivitamin including vitamins A, C, and E and is made from 100% Plant Based Protein.

Slimming Support Products: A jitter-free fat burner for women that helps increase your metabolism and accelerate your fat-burning potential, Craving Buster Capsules to ward off nasty hunger cravings, our NEW Slimming Tonics and a host of other products used to accelerate your weight loss goals.

Food & Snacks: Everything you want to eat just ALOT Healthier!  Our team is constantly innovating and bringing out new functional foods and snacks that aim to take the boring out of dieting!

Best Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Slender You is committed to providing the best weight loss supplements for women. 

The Slender Shake is more than a protein powder for weight loss. It’s a complete meal replacement system the provides you not only with protein, but also everything you’d find in a daily multivitamin. 

Slender You worked with scientists and doctors to formulate ultra-premium, high-quality weight loss supplements that are powered by science and formulated for women. The award-winning  supplement line is designed to help you maximize your results when you put in the work.