Slender You Smart Food Swaps

Did you know that making smart food swaps to more nutritious alternatives can help to avoid empty calories and support your weight loss goals?

It is crazy how many calories can sneak into your diet when you have a coffee shop frappe there and a Friday night takeaway there. And while a treat is great every once in a while, making smart food swaps can be a simple way to reduce your calories while still allowing yourself to have snacks and foods that you enjoy!

That’s why we have put together the Slender You Smart Food Swaps Guide, to help you make simple changes to your diet that will help maximise your weight loss results.

1. Coffee Shop Frappes and Lattes

We all have a favourite coffee shop frappe or creamy caramel macchiato that we treat ourselves to slightly too often. But most of these drinks are filled with sugar, whipped cream and lots of empty calories!

That’s why we have produced a delicious Slender You Hot Chocolate and Skinny Cappucino that makes smart food swaps for your usual coffee shop option simple. 

2. Takeaway and Movie Night-in

It is always tempting at the weekend to wrap yourself up in a warm blanket, putting on a film and ordering a takeaway. However, these takeaways could be sabotaging your weight loss goals, as they are extremely high in calories and saturated fat!

If you still want to enjoy a delicious pizza but don’t want the 840 calories* that come with it, why not make a smart food swap and try some of our home based pizza recipe ideas that are slimming safe!


3. Sweet Treats

We all love to enjoy a bag of chocolate every now and again, and there is nothing wrong with the occasional sweet treat! But chocolate lacks protein and fibre – the nutrients that help to make you feel full – so you tend to eat even more chocolate!

That’s why we developed our Skinny Puddings Range, so that you can enjoy a sweet treat that is packed full of protein, to help you stay fuller and support your weight loss goals!


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