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Slender Pop Corn [Guilt Free Snacking]

We LOVE Pop corn! 😋

It’s Delicious! 

It’s warm! 

It’s crunchy!

It’s pure satisfaction! 

Unfortunately, it’s not always the healthiest for you. 

But, what if we said you can enjoy sweet, delicious popcorn 


In fact, what if I said you could have popcorn

That’s GOOD FOR YOU!? 🎉


 It’s time to get those taste buds ready for a poppin’ good time! 👇



💥 1 bag of unsalted, unflavored popcorn 

💥 2 scoops Slender Shake Chocolate 



Pop the unflavored popcorn according to the directions on the package.
Once popped, put the warm popcorn in a bowl and sprinkle with the Slender Shake Powder.  


NOTE: If you want to make it more CHOCOLATEY  popcorn, mix 1-2 tbsps of cocoa powder with the Slender Shake before sprinkling it over the warm popcorn.