Samantha Naidoo Lost 10kg's in 2 Months!  Here's how she did it..

In just 60 Days Samantha Naidoo has turned things around and is now on the path to her goal weight! 
She had tried every fad diet, magic pill and eating salads like a rabbit but nothing ever seemed to work....

She would lose the weight only to gain it back worse again...

She turned to Slender You and finally she has found the perfect "partner" to help her bounce back to her best!


Samantha started on the 21 Day Kick Start Challenge  and followed the 3 week plan rigidly. The initial results were amazing!
Samantha lost a whopping 6kg's in the first 21 Days.

Excited about the results and the support she received while completing the challenge she decided to embark on the challenge for a 2nd time! 

Once again the Result another 4kg's lost.

"I followed the 21 Day Guidelines exactly as per the guides and advice from the coaches, I cut out the bad foods and sugars and became obsessed with the Smoothies in the Slender Guides.  I honestly didn't exercise much as my work schedule is hectic! Lastly i drank 2 litres per day water, 1 of those litres with my HAPPY Juice (Slimming Tonics)"   


She is now focusing on Consistency

She replaces two meals per day with a Slender Smoothie ,  Enjoys 2 Slender Approved Snacks each day and has a healthy dinner with the family each night.

She still takes her Slender You Fat Burner Capsules, CLA Body Toners and Slimming Tonics each day as she is still wanting to lose more weight

"Thanks guys! You are amazing!!! I’ve struggled with finding the right supplements that fit in with my lifestyle, but that actually WORK!!