Pea Protein Benefits

Pea Protein – Lose Weight, Build Muscle & Fight Heart Disease


Pea protein powder is becoming a fast favourite for gym-goers and health-conscious people alike — not only is it gluten- and dairy-free, but it’s been proven to be spectacular for your kidneys and heart!


What is Pea Protein?

Pea protein is more or less what it sounds like: protein extracted from peas.

Specifically, it’s obtained by drying and grounding peas into a fine flour, mixing it with water, and removing the fiber and starch, leaving mostly protein with a small amount of vitamins and minerals.

This paste is then dried and ground into a fine powder, creating pea protein isolate.

Pea Protein has a great amino acid profile, including a lot of the branched-chain amino acids that are well-known for decreasing muscle breakdown after workouts. But muscles aren’t the only part of your body that benefit from pea protein!

Here are six reasons to include pea protein powder into your diet

  1. Melt the fat away

As with all good protein powders, pea protein is a handy tool in your arsenal of weight loss weapons. Especially if you’re looking to lose weight fast,
introducing protein is one of the best ways to do it.

Another great feature of pea protein is its ability to lower levels of the hunger.
Studies show that drinking pea protein powder activates the release of hormones in your body that keep you feeling full between meals. This makes it great to drink as a meal replacement or when you are dieting to lose weight.

  1. Pea Protein = Happy Healthy Heart

Not only is pea protein good for your weight, but it’s proven to support a healthy heart. Canadian scientists have found that pea protein lowers high blood pressure. The study showed a 20 percent decrease in blood pressure over the course of just eight weeks of pea protein treatment. 

In another study published, researchers found that intake over time of plant-based proteins, rather than animal-based proteins, decreased the risk of coronary heart disease

  1. Pea Protein Mixes easily in Water

There’s nothing worse than a protein shake that doesn’t mix, no matter how hard you blend or shake it up. Due to the way it’s processed a high quality pea protein powder doesn’t have this problem. As long as you use about 200ml of water, all it takes are a couple of shakes with your shaker bottle to get a smooth, easy to drink protein shake.


  1. Pea Protein is easily Digestible

While it isn’t as easily digested as whey protein, pea protein is no slouch with regard to its digestibility. This benefits you in a few ways. One is that it isn’t likely to make you feel gassy or bloated after drinking a shake. Another benefit is that the amino acids it contains are easily absorbed and put to work. The same can’t be said for other proteins like soy which is commonly used in meal replacement shakes on the market, this makes it difficult to digest and causes bloating

  1. Pea Protein is Gluten Free

If you have a gluten intolerance or need to avoid eating it for any other reason, pea protein powder is safe to drink. Every scoop is gluten free and instead packed with healthy, muscle building protein.

  1. Pea Protein is 100% Vegan Friendly

Are you a vegetarian or vegan or just looking for an animal free protein to eat on Meatless Mondays? If you answer yes to any of these questions than pea protein powder is a good choice. It’s only ingredient other than small amounts of flavourings and sweeteners are yellow peas.



Now you know some of the top benefits of pea protein powder. Whether you want to simply give yourself a break from other powders or need to avoid them altogether, pea protein is a great choice. All Slender You Shakes are 100% Pea Protein Isolate based, Naturally Flavoured, Naturally Sweetened and come in 3 delicious flavour variants! Click here to try the Slender Shake Meal Replacer Today