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Matsho Lost a Whopping 16kg's with Slender You


Wow Look at this amazing transformation from Matsho Xaba!


Here is a glance at her progress over the past few months:

Starting Weight: 76kg  

November 2020: 
70kg  (After Completing First 21 Day Challenge) 

January 2021:  66kg  (After following the 16:8 Diet Plan for 2 months)

February 2021:  64kg (After Continuing the 16:8 Diet Plan)

Current Weight May 2021:  60kg  (After Completing a 2nd 21 Day Challenge)



" The 21 Day Challenge and the 16:8 Diet made it all Possible" Matsho Xaba

Her Secret?

Matsho followed the 21 Day Kick Start Challenge to ignite her body's natural ability to burn fat.  She then went onto the 16:8 diet plan where she did intermittent fasting for 16hrs per day and ate in an 8 hour window.

During that 8 Hour Window she would drink Slender You Smoothies and eat healthy mostly Keto / Low Carb Meals.

Lastly Matsho used our Slimming Support Products to speed up her weight loss goals!

Matsho has now reached her ideal goal weight of 60kg's
She continues to utilize the 16:8 fasting method as a long term way to ensure her weight stays on track plus get all the amazing benefits that intermittent fasting provides.


Her Favorite Slender You Products:

" I love the Slender You Slimming Tonics, They make drinking water so much easier,  Also the shakes as they tasty on their own or mix amazing into smoothies, The fat burners and CLA really do an amazing Job for that belly fat!"


DID YOU KNOW 95% of people who go on a diet plan fail?  

The main problem is that they have not got a proper plan to follow!