You've heard all the hype.. You've seen all the amazing transformations..  and you have finally decided that the time is NOW to start your Slender You Journey 

The PROBLEM....  Where do you start?  

Well it all depends on the Slender You Plan you are following or if you are in the maintenance phase of your journey..

Below we will break it down on our suggested usage of the Slender You Support Products:

Slender You Fat Burner Capsules:  Take 1 Fat Burner Capsule in the morning on empty stomach with water.  After 2 weeks increase to another Fat Burner Capsule 30 mins before Lunch with lots of water.

CLA Body Toners:  Take 1 Soft Gel with each main meal during the day.
Example: 1 x Soft gel at Breakfast, 1 x Soft gel at Lunch and 1 x Soft gel at dinner.

If you are Fasting  - take 1 x softgel with your first meal when you break the fast and then another soft gel in the evening with your next meal.

Craving Buster Capsules:  Take 1 Craving Buster mid morning between breakfast and lunch when hunger pains arise.

Take another Craving Buster Capsule mid afternoon in between lunch and supper when hunger pains arise.

If you are Fasting:  Take 1 x Craving Buster Capsule in the morning with plenty water during your fasting window.


Slender You Slimming Tonics:  Mix 25ml Slimming Tonic into 1 Litre water and enjoy throughout the day.  Enjoy up to 3 servings per day (3 Litres of Water)

If you are Fasting: Start with your Slimming Tonic's in your eating window.



Carb Blocker Capsules:  Your Cheat Day Partner!

Take 2 Capsules 30 mins before you consume a high carb meal / High Calorie Meal.

Slender You Collagen For Her:  Enjoy 2 servings per day of Collagen For Her.  Add to your coffee or tea, smoothie/ shake, cereal & yoghurt or simply in a glass of water!

If you are Fasting:  Enjoy 2 Servings of Collagen For Her during your eating window.



Slender You Super Greens:  Take 1 x Serving of Super Greens per day 
simply mix with water and consume or add into a delicious green smoothie.

If you are Fasting:  Take Super Greens during your eating window.



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