Having a family deems you responsible for wearing a million different hats that you never knew you owned. Moms are chefs, chauffeurs, personal stylists, grocery store lane experts, project managers, alarm clocks… the list goes on! Being a mom is nothing short of a full-time job, and still, women everywhere take on demanding careers in addition to caring for, supporting, and raising a family. It takes commitment and drive (and perhaps the occasional late-night glass of wine)!

How Being “Too Busy” Can Affect Your Health

When faced with a jam-packed day, often the first sacrifice ends up being one of two things: sleep or self-care. While most of us know that we can’t pour from an empty cup, we continue to deprioritize a good night’s sleep to fit in everything else. 


when we lack proper sleep, the hippocampus region of our brain performs at a nearly negative success rate. This region of the brain is responsible for receiving and filing new memories. When our brains aren’t capable of performing this very important function, we end up feeling like shells going through the motions of our day—not creating new memories or learnings. We begin to live robotically.


Tip 1 – Set yourself up for success (not guilt)

If necessary, mentally prepare yourself for me-time. Know that you are stepping away from mom duties or work to fill your cup


Tip 2 – Be realistic with your week

Don’t overwork yourself or forget to ask for help! While wanting to cook an amazing meal every night of the week is thoughtful, it may not be practical. “I pick out easy-to-prepare meals that don’t require more than 1 hour to make, and that are simple, healthy and delicious!”

Working with the time you do have, rather than what you hope to have, will create a more successful (and less stressful!) schedule for yourself and family.


Tip 3 – Multitask… successfully

There are two awesome ways to multitask when it comes to balancing health and family. We suggest bringing the fam to the gym! If you’re lucky enough to go to a gym with a daycare, it can feel like a family outing. Everyone gets to go and do their own thing.

Secondly, We recommend workouts that accomplish more than one goal, such as yoga. “It provides the stretching so desperately needed after sitting 8 hours a day at work and it also helps to declutter and relax the mind.” By getting in both a good sweat and a meditation, it allows you to feed two birds with one seed. 

Tip 4 – Create mindful transitions

Don’t bring work home and don’t bring  home and personal life to work. These divisions help keep chaos at bay and help you stay fully engaged in the present, Giving ourselves even just 5 minutes to transition from one activity or setting to the next can be a total game changer. It would be impossible to go straight from working out to eating dinner to going to bed, which is why allowing ourselves transition periods is so helpful.

Final Balance

When having a family, crushing your career, and remaining healthy all teeter at the top of the priority list, these tips will help you create some much-needed balance. If you need help, ask for it. If you want more me-time, create it. Remember, supermoms, fill your cup first and the rest will overflow.