How to Follow a Diet When Your Family Isn’t

We know that for many of you on Slender You, one of the biggest challenges you face is trying to a follow a diet when your family isn’t, especially over all these holidays!

Balancing a job, cooking for your family and leisure time alongside a diet is a struggle. This is often the reason why many people quit diets and lose their motivation to lose weight.

So to help you stick to your diet, we have put together our four top tips for how to stay on track when your family isn’t following a diet.

Plan your meals ahead of time

We all know how tempting it can be to pick up a Take Away or chocolate bar when you’re out with the family. And we’ve all had those busy outings that ended in McDonalds because you’re too tired to cook a meal.

That’s why our top tip to help you follow a diet alongside a busy lifestyle is to PLAN AHEAD! For those days when you know you’ll be out all day, choose convenient options and prepare the night before.

If you are on any of our plans, choose which meals you are going to have the following day – whether it’s an Slender You meal replacement option or a low-calorie meal or snack – so that all your food choices are already made for you!

If you know you have a busy day of work meetings coming up, we recommend choosing a Slender Shake Meal Replacer. Our Shakes are a great convenient & nutritious option that you can just pop into your bag!


Opt for healthy substitutes

 Having temptations lying around the house can make it even more difficult to follow a diet. By choosing healthy substitutes, you can avoid sabotaging your diet goals.

For those on our Slender Plans, when the family are tucking into unhealthy treats, choose to to have a Slender product that will curb your cravings and reduce temptations! 

Choose active family activities

In these winter months, when the weather is at it’s coldest, it can be very tempting to order in a takeaway or have a sweets & movie night in rather than venturing out. But there are still lots of fun activities you can do to stay active, without even realising you’re exercising! And keeping busy means you spend more time having fun and less time thinking about unhealthy foods!

Seek out supportive people

Often it is much easier to follow a diet and stick to it when you are surrounded by supportive people. Set aside some time to sit down with your family and close friends to explain why you are dieting and how their support will help you to achieve your goals. This will help your family to motivate you to stay on track even if they are not dieting with you!

However, we know that it can be really helpful for those on a diet to speak other people following the same diet. That’s why every Slender You  customer is invited to join the Our Facebook Community Group!  On this group, other people following The Slender diet share their stories, advice and queries, providing a support system that has helped to motivate thousands of Slender You Customers!