How to enjoy dinner with your family while losing weight

Eating with family is one of life’s great joys, and that doesn’t have to change while you’re on a weight loss journey. You can still share in delicious experiences with the ones you love.

Here’s how.


1 Be open about your weight loss goals

Sometimes it can feel isolating to be on a weight loss journey when your friends and family aren’t sharing in the experience. Be open about your weight loss with your family – this will help you to feel supported, and them to understand. Explain to your kids why you’re not all eating the same meal, inspiring them to prioritise their health now and into the future.


2 Eat dinner at the same time

There are many reasons to eat dinner together as a family. Studies show that families who eat together have better relationships, are less stressed and even make healthier food decisions. So make sure that, even though you may be eating something different, the whole family sits down together to collectively enjoy an evening meal.


3 Let Slender You inspire your family dinner

Your Slender You Recipess are designed to help you with your weight loss goals – but they are far from boring. If you’re stuck for ideas on what the family should eat for dinner, let Slender be your guide. Make a Smoothie Bowl for the family too. You can enjoy similar tastes and textures, and talk about how delicious the food is.


4 Seek support in meal planning and prep

Let your family help you in both the planning and creation of dinner. This will relieve you of temptation and get the whole family involved in supporting you in your weight loss goals. You may even get a well deserved break!