How to cut out the booze in 2020 or Pick the better options..


Now, don’t get me wrong, we all love a good glass of wine on a Saturday but when that glass turns into ‘glasses’ and Saturday turns into Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week it might be time you question what impact that is having not only on your overall health but your current weight loss goals too. Let us divulge…

Back in our teen years it was weekend's at house parties on a Friday night, now it’s a smooth merlot at some swanky new bar on a Tuesday night. One may be more sophisticated than the other, but where alcohol is concerned the type of ethanol present in these drinks are the same. The number of units of alcohol, calorie content, sugar content and flavourings changes drastically and should be taken into account when picking your drink of choice.



Studies have shown that excessive intake of alcohol over a prolonged period of time can have a serious effect on pretty much every process in the body, cardiovascular system, central nervous system, digestive system to name but a few. Alongside this, the effect alcohol has a significant effect on the weight loss process.

Alcoholic drinks tend to be high in sugar and low in everything else! You may have heard alcohol being referred to as 'empty calories'. Although this phrase doesn’t make much sense, the idea is you can drink 500 calories in a couple of rum and cokes but still feel hungry as your stomach isn’t full of fibre, fats, protein and carbohydrate that can come from food of equivalent calorie content.

The result of this is that you consume your normal amount of food for the day and when adding alcohol on top of that, the end result is inevitable - an increase in daily calories pushes you into a calorie surplus and if this isn’t paired with more in exercise then an increase in overall body fat will follow suit.


Alcoholic drinks mixed with fizzy drinks tend to be the highest in calories and much to everyone’s disappointment, wine and beer are a close second. Because at Slender You we believe in a balanced lifestyle, instead of telling you to cut out alcohol completely, we'd suggest opting for a lower calorie option, such as:

• Single gin and sugar free tonic – 52 calories
• Single vodka, soda water and lime – 54 calories

If you're still unsure whether cutting down on booze is for you, then remember that reducing how much you drink can offer not only a load of health benefits, but also reduce your spending! Now who can say no to that!?

If you have any questions on this, or any other nutrition-related queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our Slender Coaches at