Diet and exercise are a pairing that go together like salt and pepper. So it's hard to determine whether diet or exercise is more impactful in the weight loss process. Both commitments are crucial for your overall health, but If you're looking to just slim down, you may want to put more emphasis on portion control and calorie intake.

A recent BBC Documentary "The Big Crash Diet Experiment"  followed 4 volunteers all with whom were suffering from obesity related health conditions and eating addictions. 

In The Big Crash Diet Experiment, Dr Javid Abdelmoneim sought to investigate – with the help of four volunteers – the possibility that Very Low Calorie Diets 
may provide more effective weight loss than the slow-and-steady approach recommended by most nutritionists and dietitians for most people.

The Results

The Volunteers were all made to switch to a meal Replacement based diet for a period of 9 weeks. The Volunteers had a choice of a High protein Meal Replacement Shake or Soup as their meal options during the study.

If your only question is “Did it work?”, then the answer is a resounding yes. The results were immediate and dramatic. All four volunteers lost a considerable amount of weight – to the extent that they changed shape before our eyes. One volunteer and his diabetes went into remission. another volunteer Rebecca lost nearly 20kg.  and another Yolande's liver fat was reduced by a third. Four months on, all four had changed their eating habits and lost still more weight.


For optimal weight loss success, it is also important to slim down your portions, understand how calories work and eat foods that will make you feel fuller longer.

Sensible Portions.
Let’s be clear: it’s not that you shouldn't exercise; you definitely should, but it’s important to keep your eating habits and activity levels in proper perspective. The study mentioned above found that the impact exercise had on weight loss was smaller than the impact of simply consuming less food.

Portion control as part of a structured, nutritionally-balanced menu, has always been a key component of our weight loss philosophy. With Slender You on your side, you know that every shake or snack is the amount your body needs rather than the amount your cravings might dictate. By adding in vegetables and fruits to your main meals, you’re adding more food for less calories.


Leading an active lifestyle is important for your health and your body's ability to burn fat, but exercise alone is not going to give you the weight loss results that you want. Your body may not be the slim figure you dreamed of overnight, but over time, your body can improve. A diet change and a few revitalizing workout sessions each week are recommended for anyone wanting to be a little more comfortable in their own skin.


We like to say it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle—so we go out of our way to make it an an enjoyable, and doable weight loss experience.