BBC's Big Crash Diet Experiment  - What they found!

 The BBC in the UK recently aired an extremely interesting look at Very Low Calorie Diets  ‘The Big Crash Diet Experiment’  here’s a little re-cap. Four overweight volunteers, suffering with a variety of health problems, were put on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) to try and improve their health and weight issues. This meant giving up food entirely for 9 weeks and having meal replacement soups, shakes and Bars instead – no easy feat!

What Is A Very Low Calorie Diet (VCLD)?

Crash diets have been given a bad reputation in the past but very low calorie diets are different. VCLDs involve replacing some or all normal foods with nutritionally designed meal replacements. Meal replacement shakes and bars are the most common. Medical studies have shown that they are quite safe when followed correctly and are very effective for quick and safe weight loss.

There are a few fairly big research projects, like the BBC’s Big Crash Diet Experiment and multiple features on Television, that are underway to try and remove the negative connotations that surround them.

BBC’s Big Crash Diet Experiment


The Study

The four volunteers followed a total meal replacement diet for 9 weeks which consisted of a combination of meal replacement shakes, soups and bars only. Each volunteer was overweight and either suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes or other health issues.

The Results

All of the volunteers lost over 10% of their body weight and lost between 12 and 20kg! 52-year-old Tracey was previously at as big of a risk of a heart attack as a 75-year-old would be. After the weight loss, Tracey’s risk was lowered to someone of the age of 57.

In addition, one of the male volunteers suffering from diabetes prior to losing weight found that after the 9 weeks on the total meal replacement diet, he had put his diabetes into remission.


The Benefits of Slender You (VLCD Diet)

Slender You offers a range of total meal replacement products. These can be used as a Total Meal Replacement Plan or as part of our "Slender Diet" Whereby you would replace two (2) meals per day with our Meal Replacers and have a healthy sensible Cooked Meal as your 3rd Meal.

All of our meal replacement products are:

  • High in protein (Plant Based Pea Protein)
  • Contain 20 vitamins & minerals
  • 1/3 of your NRV (Nutrient Reference Values), which means if you have 3 products per-day, you will consume 100% of your recommended daily allowance of all nutrients
  • High in fibre
  • 100-200 calories


Because of the unique vitamin blend that all of our meal replacement products, they qualify as a total meal replacement. This means that without consuming any food, your body is receiving all of the necessary nutrients it requires.