Happy hour after work on Friday. Dinner out at your favorite restaurant on Saturday. A home-cooked feast on Sunday.

Before you know it, a weekend of unwinding can turn into a calorie-fest that undermines a week's worth of healthy eating -- and, come Monday morning, sends the needle on your scale creeping upward.

Avoiding the weekend weight-gain trap doesn't have to mean your favorite Friday-through-Sunday treats are off-limits,  Below We offer some tips for enjoying your days off while avoiding the weekend food frenzy.

Start your day out right. "Eat a healthy breakfast on the weekend, when you have more time,You usually eat less during the day if you start with a healthy breakfast, and you get some good nutrition."

Don't go hungry to "save up" for a big dinner out. "Saving yourself backfires -- you usually end up eating way more than you would have if you ate normally throughout the day, Have a little bite to eat before you go out to take the edge off your hunger, and then simply enjoy good food when you go out.

Savor the experience of dining out. "Allow yourself to enjoy good food and savor it, rather than overindulge in it, People forget what the whole eating experience is about -- sitting with friends, enjoying your time together, and relaxing.

Eat slowly. "It takes 15-20 minutes for your brain to signal your stomach that it's full, so take your time,Whether you're at a party or eating out on the weekend, remember to slow down when you're eating.