6 Ways To Lose Weight When You Are Working From Home

Working from home can be a blessing or a curse. Especially for busy mums.

Whilst many mums already opt to work from home, giving them flexibility with managing a busy household and family, for many others it was forced upon them due to the recent COVID 19 Pandemic. And perhaps the option for going back to the office might not be on the cards any time soon.

Either way, there are most definitely advantages to having a home office. You can stay in your PJ’s all day (or at least the bottom half if you’ve got ZOOM meetings) and you can use that extra time that was once spent sitting in traffic putting a load of washing on and whipping the duster around. And let’s face it, you can even get comfy on the couch with your laptop.


However, there are undoubtedly disadvantages, particularly for those who perhaps didn’t choose to make the kitchen bench their office. And that is, it’s so COMFORTABLE! And the fridge is right there! Beckoning us to open it at the slightest pang of hunger.

Losing weight under these conditions is not easy, in fact for many working from home in lockdown not putting ON weight has been a challenge. But there are opportunities to take control and form some really good habits that will help you reach your weight loss goals. We’ve put together some top tips below.

7 Tips for Losing Weight while working from home

1.Train early in the morning

Plan your exercise, whether it be a walk, workout or yogasession early in the morning and stick to it. If you put it off for later in the day, there is every chance things will pop up, get in the way and you just won’t get round to it. Get up half an hour earlier than usual and get it done. Think of it as a work appointment, something you just don’t miss.

2.Get a support network

It’s so important to get the right support when you’re on a weight loss journey. This can be in the form of a training buddy that you work out with, or someone you’re accountable to. You’re much more likely to show up if you have arranged to meet a friend for an early morning walk or work out. You will be doing each other a favour!

Reach out to our Slender Together Community Group  

You don’t need to be physically together, but you can still workout with someone over social media

3.Regular breaks

It can be easy to get super focussed with a work project and lose track of time. But sitting at a computer for hours on end is really not good. You need to take regular breaks and MOVE! This not only helps mentally, but a ten-minute window also gives you the chance to get active.

4.Meal Plan

Spending a little bit of time on a meal plan will help so much during the week. If you’ve made a plan for healthy meals and snacks for the week, done the shopping and even got ahead with some meal prep on the weekend, you are so much more likely to stick to it!


5.Keep your WATER up!

Sometimes when you’re out and about and on the go, with a trusty water bottle in hand, it’s easy to remember to keep our water intake up. Sitting at our desk with our heads down, not so much. But water is an integral part of weight loss, flushing out our system and keeping our digestive system in good shape.


Keep your water bottle next to you while you work and every time you feel like opening the fridge or grabbing a snack, take a big gulp of water. Water can help you stop overeating as we sometimes mistake hunger for thirst. Grab a 1-litre water bottle add some Slender You Slimming Tonic and try to get through it during the day so you know how much you’ve drunk.

6.Stick to regular working hours

Even though you don’t have to commute to work, make sure your workday has a beginning and an end at home. Know your working hours and stick to them, even if they’re broken up throughout the day. This will reduce overall stress which is a big factor in managing weight. You need time at the end of the day to rest, unwind and spend some quality time with your family.