5 Tips on How to Stay Motivated with Your Weight Loss

Sometimes, getting started on your weight loss journey can seem easy – you’re motivated, excited to lose weight and ready to get started. But after a few days and weeks, there are lots of reasons why you might feel demotivated with your weight loss: friends and colleagues are discouraging, the numbers on the scales slow down, or you fall off track with your diet and struggle to get back on it.

If you are one of the many people that have felt or are feeling demotivated – this blog is here to help! We have put together our five top tips on how to stay motivated with your weight loss, to help you smash your weight loss goals!


1. At the beginning, only share your journey with your close circle

Although it can be tempting to tell everyone about your Slender You weight loss plan, many people often find that colleagues and friends can have a negative effect on your motivation. If someone holds the view that another diet plan is more effective, or are not looking to be healthier themselves, they may criticize your diet decisions.

This is particularly prominent at the beginning of your diet plan, when other people cannot see your physical results. Not shouting about your diet and focusing on your own goals can help you to stay motivated by avoiding any negative criticism. Plus, soon enough your physical results will speak for themselves!

2. Track your progress


One of the best ways to keep yourself motivated with your weight loss, is to track your progress during your weight loss journey. On the first day of your diet, take your measurements, step on the scales and record the number, and take your ‘before’ photos.

We recommend keeping a diary or word document where you can track your weekly progress. Then, on the days that you aren’t noticing changes in the mirror, you can see your results written down in front of you.

3. Set yourself a non-scale victory to stay motivated without the scales

Although tracking your weight loss is important, it can be demotivating on the days when you step on the scales and the numbers have not changed. While measuring your weight can be a great way to track your progress, focusing towards a non-scale victory can help you to stay motivated.

A non-scale victory (NSV) is a measure of weight loss success that does not focus on pounds lost. Setting yourself a ‘goal outfit’ that you aspire to fit into, or aiming towards a fitness challenge, such as a run or long-distance walk, are examples of NSVs

4. Surround yourself with weight loss reminders

Often, when starting with your weight loss journey, you are motivated simply by the prospect of feeling more confident and healthier. However, as time goes on, it is easy to forget why you started your diet, and this can set you back with your goals.

Surrounding yourself with physical reminders – such as sticking your ‘before’ photo on the fridge or setting a motivational quote as your background – can help you to stay motivated and act as a physical reminder for starting your journey.


5. Join the Slender You VIP Facebook Community

Growing daily, the Slender You VIP Group  is a forum in which you can share weight loss experiences, ask questions and see other Slender customers’ transformations and weight loss stories. The closed Facebook group is great for helping you to stay motivated, as you other members act as a virtual support system for you on your weight loss journey.