5 Quick Tips For a Slender You

Losing weight can be a long and hard journey. It’s easy to get demotivated, especially if you’ve hit a plateau.

Below are 5 things to do, to get you back on track and help you lose weight.


Focus on What You Can Have

Adopt a mindset of abundance, not a restriction by focusing on what you are allowed, not what you can’t have.

Focus on the many fresh fruit and vegetables, lean proteins and healthy grains that can fit into a healthy diet that helps you lose weight.

Look online for healthy and delicious recipes you can learn to make mealtimes and being on a diet more enjoyable.


Find a Support Network

It’s easier to reach goals when you’re backed by people who support you, cheer you on and are there for you when you’re having a hard time.

Rally your family or friends behind your weight loss journey by signing up for races you can all do together or inviting them over for a healthy dinner. Share your goals with them, so they can hold you accountable.

Alternatively, you can use social media to find a group of people who are also on their own weight loss journey and connect with them to share advice, tips, and motivation.


Reward Yourself

Set yourself goals with rewards you can look forward to along the way. A new workout outfit can be great motivation for sticking to a gym workout or treat yourself to a manicure after reaching a weight goal.

Make sure your rewards are experiences like a massage or useful items like new sneakers instead of treats like chocolate or a burger.


Focus on Centimetres Not The Scale

Your weight can fluctuate depending on how much water you’ve had, where you are in your cycle or because of increased muscle mass.

Instead on fixating on a number, track your centimetres for a more accurate picture of how much weight you’ve lost.


Make it Fun!

Weight loss doesn’t have to mean long hours in the gym and eating salads for every meal. Switch up your exercise by going to fun group classes or hiking. Or Find a healthy cooking class to inspire new dishes.