30 Day Plank Challenge

The plank is one of the best exercises that you can do for your core. Any good weight loss coach knows that the plank is simple to do but challenging on the muscles that support your torso and back. By strengthening these muscles, you’ll improve your posture and make most physical tasks easier, with less stress on your spine… but The Slender team appreciate it’s a pretty tough one to master when you’re just starting out, so we’ve created our ‘30 Day Plank Challenge’, to turn you into a total planking-pro!

Beginners Plank:

  1. Start off on your knees

  2. Place your hands on the floor, under your shoulders with arms slightly bent

  3. Try to keep your body as straight as possible from knees to shoulders – so keep your butt low (Hint: doing it near a mirror helps)

  4. You may be a bit wobbly but stick with it and you’ll get rock solid

  5. Hold this pose for the times below

(Remember to breathe!)

Intermediate Plank:

  1. Again, we’re on our knees

  2. Place your elbows and forearms on the floor, with elbows directly below your shoulders

  3. Again, keep your body straight and flat

  4. Hold this pose for the times below

(You’re still breathing right?)

Expert Plank:

  1. This time, it’s the bottom of your toes on the floor, not your knees

  2. Hands under shoulders (like the Beginner plank)

  3. Knees, hips, back and shoulders in a straight line

  4. Hold this pose for the times below


    Start by Holding your Plan for 20 Seconds 
    In Week 2 Build this up to 40 Seconds
    In Week 3 Build to 1 Min Plank Hold
    and Finally build yourself up to 90 Second Holds :)