10 Things to Know about Weight Loss

If you’re about to start your weight loss journey or already on it; here’s 10 things you should know to make it easier to lose the weight and keep it off.


  1. Start simple

When one sets out to lose weight; it’s easy to rush in motivated, wanting to completely re-haul your life. But drastic changes are often unsustainable. To not only lose weight but keep it off too, start simple by slowly changing eating habits and adding exercise and gradually increase as you go along. This makes your weight loss journey easier and helps you get used to changes slowly and maintain them over longer periods of time.


  1. Choose Fat over Sugar

One of the mistakes people make when trying to lose weight is eliminating fat, thinking it’s bad for you. Fat is an important nutrient and foods with healthy fats are more satisfying and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Low-fat foods like low-fat yogurts and snacks are often loaded with sugar – which is what you want to avoid. Instead of opting for low-fat foods choose a full-fat version with a smaller sugar content.


  1. Weight loss isn’t always measured on the scale.

While a scale can be a helpful tool in allowing you to see your progress; it doesn’t give you a full picture. When you hit a plateau and start seeing smaller numbers or even no loss, using a measuring tape to see centimetres lost can help you see if you’re getting smaller in size. Muscles weigh more than fat, and as you get fitter you may see the stale remaining the same while your body is changing shape.


  1. Plan ahead

To lose weight, you need to plan. That means scheduling not only workouts but meals as well. The weekend is a great time to plan your week’s workouts and do some meal prep. If you have healthy meals and snacks prepared you’re less likely to go for unhealthy options.


  1. Schedule meals after workouts

To avoid over eating, schedule your workouts for just before meal times – like in the morning, before lunch or before dinner. This helps you combine your recovery with a meal, so you don’t consume unnecessary calories. If you can’t, make a protein shake using one of our Slender You Protein mixes to have after the workout to give your body what it needs.


  1. Allow yourself “off days”

To enjoy the weight loss journey and make it part of your life, acknowledge that life happens and there will be times you won’t be able to stick to your strict diet or exercise routine. Whether it’s because you’re not feeling well or there’s a birthday or holiday – allow yourself to indulge or relax, knowing that you’ll jump back onto your program tomorrow.


  1. Weight loss takes time and consistency

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and without effort. If it does, it’s not in a healthy way and chances are it’ll come back on. It a slow process that requires time, consistency and effort. Don’t be discouraged when it takes longer than you thought.


  1. You need to eat to lose weight

While it may seem counter intuitive, to lose weight you need to eat. Overly restricting your calorie intake can cause your body to go into preservation mode which means your body's resting metabolism slows down and requires less energy to carry out daily tasks. If you stick to a healthy diet with enough calories and incorporate weight bearing exercises to your routine, you will increase your lean muscle mass which increases your resting metabolic rate and makes your body more efficient at burning calories.


  1. Grow a strong support network

Having a strong support network of friends, family or even people who are going through their own weight loss journey can help you lose weight. These are the people that will lift you up and motivate you on the off days, hold you accountable and help you reach your goals.


  1. Don’t underestimate Sleep

Losing weight is more than just eating less and moving more. Sleep is a crucial part of losing weight. When you don’t sleep enough you get hungrier and tend to crave more sugar and carbohydrates. A lack of sleep can also make you more impulsive and more likely to reach for an unhealthy option. Sleep also helps you recover from workouts. So, make sure you are getting adequate rest.