10 Surprising Ways to Burn 100 Calories
We all know we should be making time for exercise—it’s essential for the maintenance of a healthy body, and an important part of any successful weight loss journey. But for those days when there just don’t seem to be enough hours, it’s nice to know that there are lots of ways to sneak in a quick calorie-burning session… and many of them don’t feel like working out at all.

Here are 10 of our favorites. 
  1. Wash the car. Just 30 minutes with the bucket, sponge and hose will burn 100 calories AND get you outside.
  2. Retail therapy. Spend 35 minutes walking and window shopping—less if you’re trying on a bunch of stuff!
  3. Go play. Whether you’re throwing a Frisbee or playing tag, 25 minutes outside with the kids is good for you.
  4. Sweat it out. Spend a steamy 15 minutes or so in the sauna, and you’ll literally melt the calories right off.
  5. Walk the dog. Nobody loves to help you exercise more than your dog. 25 minutes will make you both happy!
  6. Do the dishes. Sure, you can do a LOT of dishes in 40 minutes. But burning extra calories is an excellent reason to volunteer for dish duty after your next dinner party!
  7. Gardening. Attention green thumbs: just 20 minutes of weed-pulling will get to the 100-calorie mark.
  8. Dance. Put on your favorite jam and shake your stuff for 15 minutes—it’s fun, and nobody’s watching!
  9. Take the stairs. Next time, hold the elevator! About 15 minutes of stair climbing will burn 100 calories.
  10. Get more giggles. According to studies, the average adult burns 1.3 calories per minute with hearty laughter.

    So instead of thinking that you HAVE to hit the gym, just remember there is so many creative ways to get that metabolism moving!  

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