10 Incredible Immune Boosting Foods

The immune system serves a very important function in the body. It’s our defense system that helps protects us from illness and disease. The immune system is made up of organs, tissues, proteins and trillions of cells through the body.

Usually, the immune system does its job quite well without us having to do much to support it. However, when we’re at increased risk of exposure to viruses or other infections, we want to make sure we’re doing all we can to stay healthy.

By adopting a healthy diet that consists of immune-boosting foods, you can keep your immune system functioning at an optimum level.

The following are 10 immune-boosting foods you can begin to incorporate into your diet


1. Asparagus – Asparagus is packed with immune-boosting nutrients including vitamins A, C, K, and E. 
We love these veggies as a side to any meat or fish dish.

2. Papaya – Rich in Vitamins B and C, as well as an anti-inflammatory enzyme, papaya is a fruit you can enjoy knowing it’s supporting your immune health!


3. Broccoli – Did you know that green veggies actually have a lot of Vitamin C? Broccoli contains Vitamins C, A, and E. Cook it lightly or eat it raw to preserve the nutrients

4. Brussels sprouts – Rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamin K, and other nutrients, these power-packed green veggies are actually DELICIOUS 


5. Cauliflower – This cruciferous vegetable is loaded with B and C vitamins and certainly boosts the immune system. Cauliflower does not have to be boring!

6. Ginger – Ginger is known to help reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. Use it in your meals or make some warm ginger tea. Try boiling a few slices on the stove with water and add a pinch of cinnamon and honey!

7. Citrus fruits – Citrus fruits contain large amounts of Vitamin C. Oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and grapefruit are all sources of Vitamin C and can be chopped into a leafy green salad, or used in salad dressings

8. Berries – High in antioxidant and immune-strengthening nutrients, berries can be sprinkled on your breakfast oats or worked into salads. 


9. Greek Yogurt – Yogurt can boost your immune system as it has vitamin B-6, calcium, protein, and magnesium

10. Garlic – All around the world, garlic is used to add some great flavor to foods. Not only does it add flavor, but it also helps give your immune system a boost due to the ingredient called allicin