• BBC's Big Crash Diet Experiment - What they found!

     The BBC in the UK recently aired an extremely interesting look at Very Low Calorie Diets  ‘The Big Crash Diet Experiment’  here’s a little re-cap. Four overweight volunteers, suffering with a variety of health problems, were put on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) to try and improve their health a... View Post
  • Slender You FAQs Part 2 How to Mix Your Slender Shake

    Ever wondered if you should mix your Slender Shake Meal Replacer with milk or water?  We look at the pros and cons of your favourite ways to enjoy your Slender shakes and find out if you could be consuming more than you’d bargained for… How should I mix my Slender shake? If you’re looking for the... View Post
  • Water for Weight Loss: Why Should I Be Drinking More Water?

    Losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated and increasing your water intake is one of the easiest things you can do to aid your weight loss journey. You’ve probably all heard about (and possibly even tried) many of the weird and wonderful diets that are on the market but when it comes to losing... View Post

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