Slender Iced Coffee
Is there anything better on a lush sunny day than a giant mug of ice cold coffee? If you’re sticking to The Slender Plan you might be missing the iced lattes you can get from your local coffee shops, but these are sugar laden and calorific! Don’t fear, we have an awesome Slender Iced Coffee hack for you so you can enjoy an iced coffee treat that tastes so good you’ll feel a bit naughty, without even having to cheat!

Slender Diet Iced Latte

  1. Take a large glass 

  2. Fill glass with ice

  3. Make up a shake from your Slender Shake (Choc or Vanilla) 

  4. Make up a ‘shot’ of coffee in a mug: 1 tsp of coffee, plus a good splash of water; stir until totally dissolved

  5. Pour shake over ice

  6. Pour coffee over shake (admire how pretty and swirly it looks!)

  7. Enjoy!