Trish lost a whopping 20kg's with Slender You

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Here are just a few stories to get you inspired! 

Trish lost a whopping 20kg's in 5 Months with the help of Slender You

" I tried every fad diet, magic pill and juice cleanse on the market.. but NOTHING worked for me...   I was skeptical to try Slender You but was keen because the shakes are 100% Plant based (i am a vegan) and contain no nasty elements like most supplements!  I followed the Slender You plan of replacing meals with the Shake and I used the Fat Burners and CLA body toners each day.  The Results were pretty much instant! losing weight after the first week. Slender You has become part of my everyday lifestyle now"  Trish 

Megan Kellies Lost 10kg's in 2.5 months with Slender You 

" I love the Slender You products, So easy to use, no complicated diets and calorie tracking..  I lost 5kg's during the 21 Day Challenge, I really do recommend doing the challenge to start.  I then lost the remaining 5kg's  after about 40 days following the 3-2-1 plan.  I still replace one or two meals each day with the Slender Shake"  Megan

Jessica has lost 12 KG's with Slender You and is not stopping yet! 

"Slender You Thank You!  This is the only product that works for me.  I lost 12kg's with Slender You. Replacing two meals with the Shake and using the Fat Burner and CLA capsules, Still want to drop another 10kgs and I know i will!" Jessica

                      (Jessica Today)



 Shanee bounced back to her best after baby number two! 

"If you told me 4 months ago that I would weigh less than I did with my 1st pregnancy I wouldn't believe you... But here I am after my second baby feeling better than I have in years! Thank you Slender You"  Shanee

Nadia uses the Slender Shake to ensure she stays on track during her hectic schedule each day!

" I love the Slender Shake, its so convenient and gives your body everything it needs and keeps me fuller for longer, As a busy mom and career women I don't always have the time to prepare healthy meals, the Slender Shake helps me stay on track with my diet each day" Nadia Beukes (TV Personality)


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